How has accessibility been integrated into the spray park replacement concept design?

    This design incorporates accessible play features, barrier free surfacing, and seating for supervision and resting.

    The spray park deck will be paved to provide a stable and nearly flat surface for circulation. There will a be slight slope to accommodate drainage. 

    The layout of spray features and supporting elements have been placed to accommodate the clearance required for maneuvering a wheelchair to, through, around, and where possible, under. 

    The spray park is split up into areas that offer different experiences. This includes an interactive water play zone with features that invite visitors to:

    • Touch and play with water at the water table 
    • Watch the water dam, pool, and flow through the runnel and weirs
    • Sit, reflect, and listen to the running water underneath the dripping shelter
    • Step down or leap onto the hop spray to release a playful water burst

    The slide feature provides wide railed steps and a transfer station at its entry. 

    Why is this spray park being replaced?

    The existing spray park was last replaced in 2005. While this has provided a great serviced to the community over the last nearly two decades, due to age and wear-and-tear from ever increasing visitation a new reliable spray park is needed.

    The spray park will be completely replaced including new surfacing and water efficient play features so that this facility can better meet the needs of the visitors and increasing demands on the park.

    What are the changes?

    The spray park replacement will include the following improvements:

    • Expanded footprint (larger spray park area)
    • New and exciting water spray features
    • Accessible and sensory rich water experiences
    • Cooling mist area, which can operate increased during water restrictions
    • More efficient water usage
    • Remove chlorine from spray park water before it discharges

    Is the size of the spray park being reduced?

    The spray park area is expanding in total size and will be able to accommodate more people and a diversity of experiences.

    Can the existing spray park features be reused somewhere else?

    The existing spray park features have been assessed and most are nearing the end of their useful lifespan. The existing roll-o-rail feature will be refurbished and incorporated into the new design.

    Additionally, the spray park technology has advanced considerably over the past two decades since the last replacement. New features have been designed for ease of maintenance, parts replacement, and efficiencies in water usage that older spray parks are lacking. 

    Will construction conflict with summer operations of the spray park?

    The construction timeline will be aligned to have as minimal impact on park users as possible, while still providing adequate weather conditions to complete the needed construction work.

    Does this concept plan show what will be built?

    A concept plan is a preliminary design drawing. We invite residents to provide feedback that will allow us to update the concept and finalize a design that best meets visitors needs.

    Will this project harm the environment or result in any tree removals?

    The replacement spray park will be in the same location as the existing one. This area is already disturbed, clear of trees and other environmental constraints. There are no anticipated negative impacts on the environment.

    Will the city also be improving other facilities at Maple Ridge Park? Such as parking lots and washrooms?

    The parking lots, washroom and picnic shelters are planned to be replaced and improved during later phases of park improvement work at Maple Ridge Park.

    Didn’t the spray park recently undergo improvements?

    The spray park deck at Maple Ridge Park was repaired in response to our regular inspection by Fraser Health. Fraser Health governs our local spray park regulations, and it is only with their approval that we can open our spray parks each season. 

    The repairs to the existing asphalt deck which included the addition of a rubber coating, allowed us to open the spray park for our community’s enjoyment in 2023 and will also support successful operations in summer 2024. This repair provided us with the time needed to effectively plan for a full replacement, which includes engaging with our community about their vision for a new spray park and scheduling construction so that it does not disrupt summer use of this popular amenity. 

    All city spray parks undergo annual maintenance and repairs, some big some small, all for the safety of our community.